Douglas Development obtained Entitlements (CUP, etc.).    


MESA    1305 Main 

PHOENIX    7th/Bell  



OROVILLE    Oro Dam/Feather River Blvd.  

REDDING    1515 Dana 

WOODLAND    1716 Main St.



BARSTOW    621 Montara  

DUARTE    210/Mountain  

GLENDORA    57/Lone Hill/5th  

POWAY    Community Rd/Poway 

UPLAND    Foothill/Benson   


WINNEMUCA    3010 Potato Rd.

Tesoro  One of 11 Tesoro projects Douglas Developed entitled in California, Arizona, and Nevada (see Tesoro).  Challenge:  Tesoro Oil had an agreement with Wal-Mart to develop gas dispensing islands on Wal-Mart’s property adjacent to Wal-Mart. The challenge was to convince governmental jurisdictions to accept sharing of said land for dual uses while simultaneously convincing Wal-Mart to accept Conditions placed on Tesoro projects as well as Wal-Mart and, in some cases, convincing adjacent neighborhoods to agree to said dual uses. Solution:  Hire a Firm familiar with various governmental jurisdictions throughout the State of California, parts of Nevada and Arizona who was also capable of negotiating Conditions placed on said projects with both the governmental jurisdictions and Wal-Mart, and had experience in mitigating the concerns of unhappy neighbors. Results:  Douglas Development was able to obtain governmental, neighborhood, and Wal-Mart approvals for all but one of the Tesoro projects for gas dispensing islands on Wal-Mart land.