• Site Assessments, Political Assessments, Project Feasibility Analysis  

• Obtaining, managing, and advocating All Governmental Entitlements/Discretionary Approvals 

 • Expediting, managing, and coordinating All Building/Construction Permits  

Douglas Development has been actively providing real estate development services to the development industry throughout the western states - California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, and Nevada - for 30 years.  

We represent major corporations, developers, retailers, and restaurants as well as small business owners who need to successfully tackle a political and bureaucratic maze so as to achieve their goals (see Client List).

Our role ranges from initial site assessment and/or political/project feasibility to overall project management including obtaining all governmental entitlements/approvals and expediting construction/building permits.   Our involvement and value to any project can begin with preliminary assessments/feasibility analysis and continue through to obtaining the final Certificate of Occupancy.   That involvement can also include Project Management from the time the project is just a glimmer in the Client’s eye, through handing it over to construction, to building it:  from inception to completion.      

As a company with a reputation for integrity, determination, and perseverance, we offer access to and contacts with those who are in a decision making capacity regarding approvals as well as experience and expertise in political/entitlement feasibility, entitlement and permit procurement, project management, governmental/public relations and advocacy, and/or neighborhood mediation/negotiation.   

Bottom line is, we can do all of the above or any one of a number of permutations, i.e., any one of these components individually or all of them, depending on our Client’s needs.  We have evolved from providing political services at both the state and local levels to representing large residential and commercial developers throughout California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, and Washington.  We offer a professional team approach with 30 years of experience, expertise gained as a result of those 30 years in the business, contacts from having been extraordinarily active in both professional and political state and local associations, and a track record to prove we can and have delivered results (see Jurisdictions, Projects, Organizations/Associations).

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