ranging from
intermediate to difficult
in terms of challenge

specializing in managing, entitling, and permitting projects

Specializing in assessing, entitling, and permitting real estate development projects that range from intermediate to difficult in terms of challenge.

Douglas Development  is a land-use consulting and real estate development services firm.

•Experience - Extensive experience with several Fortune 500 corporations as well as sole proprietorships (see Client List).   

•Expertise - Earned through years of experience in the business as well as staying current via land use law updates, environmental updates, and Continuing Education of the Bar courses  (See Services).

•Government Contacts - Excellent working and personal contacts with innumerable governmental staffs, and appointed and elected officials (see Jurisdictions  and Organizations). 

 •Industry Contacts - Excellent working and personal contacts within the building industry, Douglas Development maintains a network of experienced professionals – architectural firms, civil engineering firms, geotechnical firms, land use development attorneys, acoustical/traffic consultants, LEED, landscape, structural, environmental, etc. to assist as needed on a project-by-project basis (see Project Management  and Organizations). 

 •Track Record - Results-oriented track record (see Projects-Overview of Recent Projects). 

 •Reputation - Respected for integrity and credibility. As a company with a reputation for integrity and perseverance, we offer access and contacts with those in governmental and political decision making capacities as well as experience and expertise in successfully producing a project in compliance with our clients’ timelines.   

•Ability - Ability to expedite, orchestrate, advocate, and negotiate.   

•Credentials - Effective leadership through training via Ph.D.in Government at Claremont Graduate School and Law at Southwestern Law School.

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