Expediting, managing, and coordinating Permits

being proactive/ riding herd/ knowing the shortcuts to manage time and bureaucrats (time is money!)

Obtaining Building Permits should be as easy as skiing down the bunny slope.  But almost inevitably they are not and require strategies and experience/expertise to smoothly swoosh or transition down an intermediate or difficult slope.  That’s where Douglas Development comes in – we specialize in those projects that range in challenge from intermediate to difficult.   


Douglas Development is an expert at expediting discretionary and building permit clearances through all governmental agencies and political channels so that Permits can be pulled in a timely manner.   

EXPEDITING, MANAGING, AND COORDINATING ALL BUILDING/CONSTRUCTION PERMITS -  prior to pulling permits, a number of clearances or signoffs must be obtained for Building Permits, Entitlements, and/or Subdivisions.  Douglas Development personally submits plans to plan check, follows up on status, coordinates project corrections between governmental agencies as well as Client’s team, clears Conditions, and obtains Permits from all departments required including but not limited to Building and Safety, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, grading, water/sewer, Bureau of Engineering, county health, etc.   

We are proactive out of the chute – from time of initial submittal through to pulling Permits, saving time and money for the client.  We stay in constant communication with team members and governmental agencies so as to know immediately when comments or corrections are available, and then can expeditiously get corrections to design team and back to governmental departments for final approval.  When coordinating corrections, many times we can obtain information or administrative rulings that can simplify, improve the project, and gain needed time so as to be able to pull a building permit on time.   

Douglas Development has a plethora of relationships and is able to establish a rapport because generally we like them and they like us.  (This comes from having an intimate understanding of staff having worked for City of Claremont while in Grad School.)  The advantage to the Client is almost without exception that even though the Code says x, if staff wants to work with you, they either know a way around it or they will figure a way around it.  Because they like you.  If they don’t like you, they won’t and will potentially put road blocks in your way.    

Along with that like/dislike scenario, goes credibility, and that, too, is a strength on behalf of our company.  Staff knows they won’t be lied to and left hanging.  Trust, credibility and like goes a LONG way to saving time and money, and assisting our clients in getting difficult projects done.   

Experience = Expertise.    Douglas Development has 30 years’ experience and relationships throughout the West Coast and has expedited Building/Construction Permits throughout the State of California, especially the City of Los Angeles (see Jurisdictions).

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