obtaining, managing, advocating

Entitlements should be as easy as skiing down the bunny slope.  But almost inevitably they are not and require strategies and experience/expertise to smoothly swoosh or transition down an intermediate or difficult slope.  That’s where Douglas Development comes in – we specialize in those projects that range in challenge from intermediate to difficult.   

An expert in the Entitlement process for commercial and residential projects, Douglas Development guides clients through the labyrinth of governmental regulations and political considerations.   Douglas Development can provide leadership, consulting services, negotiate on behalf of client, and/or represent client at hearings.  Working closely with the Client, Douglas Development helps identify planning challenges and develop successful strategies. Specifically, we assist in the management of all aspects of Entitlement processes, including the preparation and processing of applications, required Findings and submittal packages. We also represent clients at government and community hearings and with elected officials.   

ALL GOVERNMENTAL ENTITLEMENTS/DISCRETIONARY APPROVALS –  includes but is not limited to CUP, Site Plan Review/approval, Specific Plan exceptions, beer/wine/liquor license, zone change, zone text amendment, zoning, variances, Haul Route, lane closure, tract/parcel maps, lot line adjustment/merger, special use permits, Coastal Development Permit, annexation, etc.   

Scope includes preparation of applications including justifications and Findings, coordinating exhibits for application and radius maps if required, submittal of applications, expediting applications, project advocacy, government and community relations, negotiating onerous Conditions of Approval, developing public hearing presentations and then directing and/or presenting/representing client at public hearings, environmental assessment/reviewing mitigations, EIR certification and/or mitigation measure negotiation.   Specific services associated with each of these:  representing client before architectural/design review, planning commission, zoning administrator, hearing officer, city council, board of supervisors, homeowners and/or neighborhood community councils/groups.  

 Douglas Development stays current via Land Use Law updates, CEQA updates, and Subdivision Map Act updates and other regulations and/or policies that may be written, proposed, or implied so as to recognize when governmental requirements placed on a project are not in keeping with the most recent legislation or statute.   

Experience = Expertise.  Douglas Development has 30 years’ experience throughout the West Coast, has worked and/or has completed over 141 Entitlements in over 103 jurisdictions throughout the southwestern United States, and maintains strong ties with many of these jurisdictions so we can not only get our foot in the door, but once in can accomplish our Client’s goals (see Jurisdictions and Organizations/Associations).        

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